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Tailored power supplies for electrochemical processes in industry and research

plating electronic is one of the technology leaders in direct current rectifiers and pulse power supplies for electrochemical processes. These primarily include electroplating, surface treatment of aluminium, PCB manufacturing and water treatment. plating electronic delivers tailored solutions for optimal power supply in all these sectors.

Our integral approach, from system conception to commissioning of power supply systems and controllers, ensures that we can both supply the core processes with customised power sources and simultaneously provide the best possible system efficiency. This is transparently clear right from the basics: the compact construction of our POWER STATION direct current rectifiers and POWER PULSE-REVERSE units, together with the individually matched accessories, make it possible, for example, to bring the power supply as close to the process as possible. This leads to shorter lines and thus to significant energy savings in the active process.

plating electronic - Tailored power supplies for electrochemical processes in industry and research
plating electronic - Convincing solutions for 25 years, that's what the Rieder family stands for
plating electronic - Represented worldwide, produced in Germany

More than 30 years of convincing solutions

The consistent focus on respective customer and process requirements with the best possible methods and technologies has made plating electronic a valued equipper to industry and research right from the beginning. Innovative and proven processes such as switch mode technology or the use of pulse currents have always counted amongst the core speciality of plating electronic. The continuous further development of products and processes means that plating electronic has been one of the world’s innovation drivers for increasingly precise direct current and pulse current power supplies since 1987.

Represented worldwide, made in Germany

plating electronic is now established as a global supplier. We supply internationally demanding customers, for example, in Europe, North America and Asia with custom-made power supply solutions through our numerous branches, partners and distributors. As we mainly develop and sell highly customised products and systems, our development and production is still concentrated in Germany.

We believe that we can achieve the best possible quality in this way. “Made in Germany” is and will remain a convincing designation of all the POWER STATIONs, POWER PULSE power supplies, control units, control modules and software made by plating electronic.

“We care for power” – totally individual and in the true sense of the word. You can count on that.

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